Crack on wall due to lightweight precast panel joint

Through investigation we carry out Specific Defect Report if you have any defect problem within your property, i.e. severe dampness, leakage & seepage, cracking, tiles popping up etc.  Whether your property is a landed house, condo, HDB, shop or office, we will be able to assist you.

We can undertake inspection to specific construction defects.  We identify the defects and can recommend remedial works.  For your seepage/leakage problems, we use the latest technologies such as Thermographic survey to identify the areas of trapped moisture.  Advice can also be offered on any repairing liabilities under construction warranties if applicable.

Upon completion of the investigation, you will receive a Defect Survey Report which include details of what is found during the inspection.  It states the condition of the defects and whether or not there is a problem.  It may also provide recommendations for the appropriate remedial action.  


We can also provide the repair works to any specific defects.

Paint blistering and damaged ceiling board due to water leakage

Dampness on wall resulting from pipe leakage

Waterponding on bathroom floor due to warpage of tiles

Mould on ceiling and wall as a result  of dampness due to condensation