Some Project References

Defect & Condition Survey - Kim Sia Court

A frustrated owner called us to investigate the mould appearing in many areas within his unit.


Using a moisture meter and digital thermometer, we found out that the ceiling and walls were damp which is a contributing factor for mould growth.  The air-conditioning of the above unit was apparently on 24 hours a day at a very low temperature setting.  This created a differential in temperature which caused condensation and dampness within the building material.

We followed with a report that our Client could use to report to the Strata Titles Boards for any mediation.

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Pre-Purchase Survey - Upper Serangoon Road

20180731_160000 1.jpg

We helped our client to assess the structural integrity of a shophouse along Upper Serangoon road and to advise on any areas that our client should pay attention to during the renovation of the shop.

We inspected the floor, wall and above the false ceiling for any sign of structural irregularities.  The shop was structurally sound with a few dampness on certain portion of walls.  


Our Client was satisfied and happy to know that the shop that he bought was safe and sound.

Pre-Tenancy Condition Survey - Wing on Life Garden

We carried out an inspection of a 3000sqft unit for our client who rented the unit.  After the inspection, we compiled a 200+ pages of Defect Report Survey with photographs on the condition of the units.   


Our client was happy to use the Report as a pre-tenancy condition survey of the unit.  The report is used as a record of the current condition of the unit before moving in as well as to discuss with the landlord on any rectification if required.


Defect & Condition Survey - Cardiff Residences

Cracks on wall.jpeg

We were called upon to evaluate a crack on a wall for our Client, the buyer of a resale unit.  The concern was to assess whether the unit was structurally safe.


After investigation, the crack was on a partition wall and the structure of the unit was safe.  We repaired the crack and our client happily proceeded with the sales of the unit.

Defect & Condition Survey - Blk 513 Yishun

We investigated a water seepage issue that has been bugging our Client for months.  With the shoddy works done at the joint of the external walls, it is to no surprise that there might be water seepage occurring inside the units.

The repair to the seepage was apparently done a few months back, but our Client wanted to have peace of mind that the seepage was arrested.  Unfortunately or fortunately, we found out that there were still dampness present.

We also did a check to all external walls using thermal scanner and moisture meter to verify that there were no other seepages.

blk 513 Yishun-3.jpg
blk 513 Yishun-4.jpg

Pre-Purchase Survey - Queens Condominium


Our Client found his dream home - a 16 year old condominium.

For a peace of mind that the unit will not give any hidden surprises in the near future, our client decided to engage our services for a pre purchase survey of the unit.

To his satisfaction, he was pleased to know that there were 2 leaking spots above the false ceiling of the master bathroom.  We repaired the 2 spots before our Client moved in to his new home.

Defect & Condition Survey - Callidora Ville

We were engaged to assess the structural integrity and cracks within our Client's unit.

Cracks were observed at many areas on the floor, walls and ceilings.  Our Client was relieved to know that there were no signs of structural damage.  There were evidences that may explained the occurrence of the cracks.


Defect & Condition Survey - V on Shenton


Marble flooring enhances the look and value of a property.  However, if there is excessive tonality and/or character mismatched of the marble tiles, the flooring may look dull and unattractive.

With our technical experience with marble, we were able to help our Client in assessing the marble flooring within her unit and represented her to discuss and negotiate with the Developer on the excessive tonality issues. 

Furthermore, we were engaged to follow up with her contractor on dry laying and assessing the new marble flooring.  Our Client could trust our professionalism and experience to ensure that her new marble floor is nice and attractive.