Crack on wall due to lightweight precast panel joint


Investigation on inter-floor water seepage


Through investigation we carry out Specific Defect Report if you have any defect problem within your property, i.e. severe dampness, leakage & seepage, cracking, tiles popping up etc.  Whether your property is a landed house, condo, HDB, shop or office, we will be able to assist you.

If you require a Building Surveyor or Professional Engineer (PE) for your defect investigation or your case under the Strata Title Board, we can undertake inspection to identify the defects and recommend remedial works.  For your seepage/leakage problems, we use the latest technologies such as Thermographic Survey to identify the areas of trapped moisture.  Advice can also be offered on any repairing liabilities under construction warranties if applicable.

Upon completion of the investigation, you will receive a Defect Survey Report which include details of what is found during the inspection.  It states the condition of the defects and whether or not there is a problem.  It may also provide recommendations for the appropriate remedial action.  


We can also provide the repair works to any specific defects.


Our condition survey covers the current state of your property at the time of inspection.  Whether you require a survey of a property for resale, rental or of your property under construction or after renovation, we will provide a report with photos on the state of the property and/or works.

Are you looking to purchase a resale property? Let us survey your future property to ensure that there are no major defects before making the purchase.  Our condition survey consist of assessing major defects such as structural integrity and water ingress/seepage to those areas which are not evident at first glance during your viewing of the property.

You have a property to rent? A condition survey check-in report before tenancy and a check-out report at the end of tenancy will protect landlords and tenants. 

Our check-in survey report is to record the condition of the property at the time of inspection.  It is a detail survey so that any notable features or existing damage of the property can be properly documented. 

Our check-out survey report allows the landlord to see the condition of the property once the tenants have moved out.  It can be compared with the check-in survey report to see if there are any major difference in condition of the property.

Some Interesting Project References:


We did a check-out survey of a property which our client has rented out.

Our survey focused on the conditions that affects the value, usefulness and/or normal function of the property.  There were several damages which occurred within the property which could not be considered as wear and tear condition, such as damages to the vanity counter, water damage to the kitchen counter and cabinets, excessive and deep scratches as well as water mark onto the timber floor, and paint stain (during reinstatement of the wall paint) among others.

Rental Check-out Survey - 15 Horizon Towers

15 leonie Hill 1.jpg
15 leonie Hill 3.jpg
15 leonie Hill 4.jpg
15 leonie Hill 5.jpg

Resale Survey - Simon Lane


The window (in the photo) was found above the false ceiling of the 3rd storey bathroom of the resale property which we surveyed.  There was water ingress at the bottom of the window.

A viewing of the property by the seller would not have uncovered the above.  And damages to the false ceiling would most probably occur in future due to the constant water ingress when it rains.  Our client (the seller) was very grateful that we have identified such issue so that appropriate actions could be taken.

Defect & Condition Survey - Jalan Jambu Mawar

We carried out a Defect & Condition Survey to this property with regards to water seepage.  The internal finishes as well as built-in furniture against the party wall experienced moisture damaged such as paint blistering, mouldy and rotten plywood respectively.

Several attempts to rectify the water seepage from the internal side of the wall failed as the source of water ingress was not rectified.

Defect & Condition Survey - 420 Woodlands st 41


Our client called us to assess the condition of the pointing work done by his contractor.  Several repair attempts were made on the pointing which made the tiling floor look untidy.

The grout seemed to have been patched up in layers at every repair attempt.  The tile joints cannot be 'grouted over' successfully as the new layer will be too thin and will not adhere to the grout.  It is always recommended that the old grout is removed when replacing or repairing grout.

Condition Survey & Water Seepage Investigation - Lakeview Estate

Inter-floor leakage can be very frustrating and source of leak must be identified for proper repair.

We investigated an inter-floor water leakage issue (case referred to the Strata Title Board) at 2 locations within the unit.  Several tests were carried such as water flood test to drainpipe, water pressure test and water flood test to floor to determine the water source and source of leak.

It was found out that the floor trap drainpipe connection was indeed causing the leak.

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-13 at

Condition Survey & Water Seepage Investigation - Aquarius by the Park


We were called upon to investigate a water seepage from the bathroom wall whereby efflorescence would form on the tile grout.  The case was referred to the Strata Title Board.

The tricky condition was that behind the affected wall is a pipe shaft and it was difficult to determine where could be the water source.  Above the bathroom was a slab covered by the roof cladding. 


After analysing the layout plan and current build condition of the property, water spray test to the external wall and roof cladding was carried out to determine any possible water ingress from any or both locations.

Water was found seeping into the roof cladding and onto the slab above the bathroom.  And the water ended up seeping into the pipe shaft.

Defect & Condition Survey - Kim Sia Court

A frustrated owner called us to investigate the mould appearing in many areas within his unit.


Using a moisture meter and digital thermometer, we found out that the ceiling and walls were damp which is a contributing factor for mould growth.  The air-conditioning of the above unit was apparently on 24 hours a day at a very low temperature setting.  This created a differential in temperature which caused condensation and dampness within the building material.

We followed with a report that our Client could use to report to the Strata Title Board for any mediation.

20180620_155335 1.jpg

Defect & Condition Survey - Cardiff Residences

Cracks on wall.jpeg

We were called upon to evaluate a crack on a wall for our Client, the buyer of a resale unit.  The concern was to assess whether the unit was structurally safe.


After investigation, the crack was on a partition wall and the structure of the unit was safe.  We repaired the crack and our client happily proceeded with the sales of the unit.

Defect & Condition Survey - Blk 513 Yishun

We investigated a water seepage issue that has been bugging our Client for months.  With the shoddy works done at the joint of the external walls, it is to no surprise that there might be water seepage occurring inside the units.

The repair to the seepage was apparently done a few months back, but our Client wanted to have peace of mind that the seepage was arrested.  Unfortunately or fortunately, we found out that there were still dampness present.

We also did a check to all external walls using thermal scanner and moisture meter to verify that there were no other seepages.

blk 513 Yishun-3.jpg
blk 513 Yishun-4.jpg

Resale Survey - Queens Condominium


Our Client found his dream home - a 16 year old condominium.

For a peace of mind that the unit will not give any hidden surprises in the near future, our client decided to engage our services for a pre purchase survey of the unit.

To his satisfaction, he was pleased to know that there were 2 leaking spots above the false ceiling of the master bathroom.  We repaired the 2 spots before our Client moved in to his new home.

Rental Check-in Survey - Wing on Life Garden

We carried out an inspection of a 3000sqft unit for our client who rented the unit.  After the inspection, we compiled a 200+ pages of Defect Report Survey with photographs on the condition of the units.   


Our client was happy to use the Report as a pre-tenancy condition survey of the unit.  The report is used as a record of the current condition of the unit before moving in as well as to discuss with the landlord on any rectification if required.


Defect & Condition Survey - V on Shenton


Marble flooring enhances the look and value of a property.  However, if there is excessive tonality and/or character mismatched of the marble tiles, the flooring may look dull and unattractive.

With our technical experience with marble, we were able to help our Client in assessing the marble flooring within her unit and represented her to discuss and negotiate with the Developer on the excessive tonality issues. 

Furthermore, we were engaged to follow up with her contractor on dry laying and assessing the new marble flooring.  Our Client could trust our professionalism and experience to ensure that her new marble floor is nice and attractive.

Defect & Condition Survey - Callidora Ville

We were engaged to assess the structural integrity and cracks within our Client's unit.

Cracks were observed at many areas on the floor, walls and ceilings.  Our Client was relieved to know that there were no signs of structural damage.  There were evidences that may explained the occurrence of the cracks.