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Kerjaya Prospek Group, Malaysia - 2018

Blaze the trail in your quest for higher quality.  As Developers and Contractors aim for higher quality standard for their building projects, there is a need to continuously improve and learn from the best in the industry.  We provide the technical knowledge, skills and quality expertise to help you achieve this quest and a valued partnership you can count on throughout the life of your project.


In our pursuit in advocating quality in the construction industry, we provide training, consultancy services and defect inspection to construction professionals.  We possess the engineering and construction experience in Quality and Defect Management to provide you with the best quality practices to everyday challenges that you may face throughout the construction process.

Construction Training & Consultancy

Knowledge and skills you can apply.  We specialise in Best Practices Training of many trades in the construction industry.  We provide Clients with an array of tools and tips that can be immediately applied in their Quality Management repertoire.  Our training sessions provide practical skills and requirements that will enable Clients to improve project performance by reducing defects and reworks.

We also provide customised Training and Consultancy Services to suit every Client's needs to improve their quality processes and practices.  We have the resources and expertise to review and establish our Client's Quality Practices and Assessment System.  


Clients will benefit by having a consistent project delivery throughout all projects, greater level of quality, reduce defects and a database for continual improvement.

Training Topics

1. Managing Quality in Construction 

2. Quality Practices Modules

  • Concreting

  • Brickwork / Blockwork

  • Lightweight partition

  • Drywall partition

  • Plastering

  • Floor screeding

  • Waterproofing to iInternal wet areas

  • Tiling work

  • Timber Flooring

  • Timber door installation

Kerjaya Prospek Group, Malaysia - 2018


1. Kerjaya Prospek Group, Malaysia (Consultancy Services for Quality Management & Quality Practices Training)

2. TCS Construction Sdn Bhd, Malaysia (Consultancy Services & Quality Practices Training)

3. Suntrack Development Sdn Bhd, Malaysia (Consultancy Services for Quality Management)

Client's Testimonials:

"Thanks Jerry for the findings from our 3 current sites.  That's why I am so worried and need to educate all our site staff to improve our delivery and workmanship."

"Thank you very much for today's session.  Today's training have significant impact on us especially on our commitment to QA/QC."

- Dato' Ir Tee Chai Seng, TCS Group Holding Berhad

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