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Water seepage Investigation

Our Water Seepage Investigation determines the cause(s) of water ingress and recommends appropriate rectification works.

If you are having severe dampness, seepage / leakage issues within your property, we are able to identify the cause(s) through investigation and tests. 


Whether your seepage issue is under the Strata Titles Boards (STB) or be it an amicable solution, our Water Seepage Investigation comes with a report outlining the cause(s) of seepage/leakage and recommendations on remedial works (if any).

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Interesting project references:

Condition Survey & Water Seepage Investigation - Dido Street

Our Client (Pierre Png) called us to investigate a water seepage issue from the bathroom which has affected the bedroom flooring.

We analysed the construction of the kerb and carried out tests to confirm that there was a failure of waterproofing system of the bathroom floor.  The seepage at the kerb was found out to be due to poor detailing and construction of the kerb.

Through our tests, the water did not only seep out at the kerb, but flowed down to the living room via the pipe shaft/penetration.  It again indicates that the bathroom was not watertight.

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Condition Survey & Water Seepage Investigation - Lakeview Estate

Inter-floor leakage can be very frustrating and source of leak must be identified for proper repair.

We investigated an inter-floor water leakage issue (case referred to the Strata Titles Boards) at 2 locations within the unit.  Several tests were carried such as water flood test to drainpipe, water pressure test and water flood test to floor to determine the water source and source of leak.

It was found out that the floor trap drainpipe connection was indeed causing the leak.

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Condition Survey & Water Seepage Investigation - Aquarius by the Park


We were called upon to investigate a water seepage from the bathroom wall whereby efflorescence would form on the tile grout.  The case was referred to the Strata Titles Boards.

The tricky condition was that behind the affected wall is a pipe shaft and it was difficult to determine where could be the water source.  Above the bathroom was a slab covered by the roof cladding. 


After analysing the layout plan and current build condition of the property, water spray test to the external wall and roof cladding was carried out to determine any possible water ingress from any or both locations.

Water was found seeping into the roof cladding and onto the slab above the bathroom.  And the water ended up seeping into the pipe shaft.

Condition Survey & Water Seepage Investigation - Pandan Valley

This STB (Strata Titles Boards) case involved 3 homeowners - at level 5, level 6 and level 8 (penthouse).


The applicant (owner at level 5) suffered seepage to her unit for more than a year without being able find the source.  

Many pipes were observed at the location of seepage.  One of which is the rainwater downpipe (RWDP) of the roof garden of the penthouse unit at level 8.

Our engagement lead us to investigate the pipe network and locations of probable sources of water.  We did several water tests to the RWDP, bathroom and balcony of the unit at level 6.  Using fluorescent dye for our flood test, the source of water ingress was observed to be from the balcony although the balcony was not directly above the location of seepage.


Condition Survey & Water Seepage Investigation - Landed property


The house experienced seepage at the bedroom which affected the 2nd and 1st storey.  A contractor was called in to carry out some repairs but did not manage to arrest the seepage.  

We were engaged for a water seepage investigation.  We analysed the construction details on site with respect to the locations of seepage.  We concluded that there may be more than 1 source of water ingress. 


By carrying out water spray tests, we were able to locate 2 sources of of water ingress.

Condition Survey & Water Seepage Investigation - Jervois Lodge


We investigated an inter-floor water seepage at the Yard area of the unit below.  Case was referred to the Strata Titles Boards

As the Yard area was below the WC and adjacent to the Common Bathroom, we carried out flood tests to the floor of both WC and Common Bathroom.

Both flood tests of the the Common Bathroom and WC were found to contribute to the seepage at the Yard area. 

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