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Rental Check-in / Check-out Inspection

Our Check-in / Check-out Inspection reports the condition of the property before and after tenancy.

A check-in inspection takes place just before a tenancy occurs.  It is to record the condition of the property at that particular moment in time.  A written report with photographs will be produced and submitted. 

A check-out report allows the landlord to record the condition of the property and any contents once the tenants have moved out.  The check-out report can be used alongside the check-in report to compare on the condition of the property.

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Interesting project references:

Rental Check-out Survey - 15 Horizon Towers

We did a check-out survey of a property which our client has rented out.

Our survey focused on the conditions that affects the value, usefulness and/or normal function of the property.  There were several damages which occurred within the property which could not be considered as wear and tear condition, such as damages to the vanity counter, water damage to the kitchen counter and cabinets, excessive and deep scratches as well as water mark onto the timber floor, and paint stain (during reinstatement of the wall paint) among others.

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Rental Check-in Survey - Wing on Life Garden


We carried out an inspection of a 3000sqft unit for our client who rented the unit.  After the inspection, we compiled a 200+ pages of Survey Report with photographs on the condition of the units.  

Our client was happy to use the Report as a rental check-in survey of the unit.  The report is used as a record of the current condition of the unit before moving in as well as to discuss with the landlord on any rectification if required.

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